Discover Rise Nordic Wellness

RISE Nordic Wellness

Escape from the daily grind. Reset and re-energise your body.

RISE Nordic Wellness is an experience based on the Scandinavian culture around thermotherapy, creating a place for relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind. 

By combining the healing effects of our custom-designed Scandinavian sauna and our relaxation-inducing wood-fired hot tubs, we have created a place of tranquility and restoration for our guests to escape the pace of the day-to-day and embrace New Nordic Wellness.

Our facilities include sauna, hot tubs and cold water shower and dunk tanks along with on site changing facilities to give people an all inclusive, relaxing day to unwind. Ideally located only 30 mins drive from Dublin.


Nordic Sauna Experience

We offer 30-minute time slots in our Danish designed, wood-fired sauna. To maximise your experience of the sauna we advise taking short breaks during your time in the sauna to experience a cold shower and achieve the maximum health benefits of hot and cold environments.

Hot Tub Experience

Our Hot Tub experience is perfect for relaxing and watching the world go by with friends. We offer 40-minute slots that can be purchased directly or as an add on to your Nordic sauna experience.





Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday - Closed

Thursday &  Friday - 1PM - 7PM

Saturday 11AM - 9PM

Sunday 11AM - 7PM