Avon Activity Arena

Our Avon Arena is our exciting new activity space for adults, older children and adults who are still children! There's lots more still to come in this space and lots currently going on too...



Archery Targets with Training & Supervision. For traditionalists, archery is a chance to go back in history to the “Robin Hood” era. Its more than a sport, its a skill. Theres no guns or noise. Its back to the basics with a bow and arrow.  But the challenge is still there.



Shooting Range with down the line targets of various sizes, using automatic traps. Recoil reducing special cartridges and full instruction is given for all Air Rifle Shooting sessions. Works really well for everyone from first timers to seasoned shooters!



Conquer your fears and scale the heights of our Climbing Wall, with full instruction and always with your safety in mind, enjoy the adrenaline rush, then abseil down, boing!


ZIPLINE at The A  - from the top of the Climbing Wall and down!


For all Activity Bookings & Enquiries - contact our Activity Centre on t: 045 900 670, e: activities@theavon.ie or via our Enquiry Form