Escape, Retreat, Breathe deep, Think slower, Work together at The Avon. 

Breathe Fresh in our Corporate Bolthole only 30kms from Dublin – whether you want to have your team plugged in or plugged out, we cater for all types of corporate retreats. We have high-octane, team-building adventure packages and more low-key reflective team bonding experiences. Our multi-purpose venue offers workshop spaces for team meetings and if it’s a think-tank session you require, we can build out the perfect strategy environment. Our kitchen will work with you to prepare all the brain-food you need; or have a bespoke team cocktail night prepared for you in the Library Bar. Re-energise your team on the grounds at Blessington Lakeshore and let us get the right results for your company.


Team Adventure Packages from only €65.00 per person include:

  1. Outdoor Activities which call for Team Work, 
  2. Workshops that increase Productivity,
  3. Food & Drink to bring Team together in Friendship