Indoor Meeting Spaces

Reunite. Retreat. Refresh.

Come Together. 

Strengthen and rebuild connections. Get the juices flowing with ideation in a beautiful setting. Bond through memorable experiences.

Rent a meeting room at The Avon for small tight-knit think tank sessions, or a larger space to launch your ideas and host a group corporate Big Day Out. Take a table for one, or a session for 100. Have lunch, splash about and play. Recharge and refuel your team and add on an activitiy session to your pow-wow. We can cater for all types of team-building activities and tailor-make a unique experience for your needs and goals.

Board Room

max. capacity: 20

room size: 15m²

extras: great natural light

great for: meetings, planning sessions, think tanks


Studio A

A lofty space for mixed use. You tell us how you want to use it.

max capacity: 90

room size: 55m²

extras: av system

great for: mixed use


Russborough Room

max. capacity: 180

room size:155m²

extras: partitions

Can be hired as Half Room Lakeside, Half Room Bar Side or as a Full Room

great for: conferences, large groups


The Library Room

max. capacity: 150

room size:85m²

extras: private balcony

Ideal for intimate gatherings and events

great for: private events, meetings



Corporate Bookings/Enquiries:
P: 045 900 670 (press #2 for Activities)